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agosto 19, 2021
Good Space – August 2021
septiembre 27, 2021

Painting workshop

Draw with me
San Pacho

The graphic representations have always been the center of attention of many, due to the way of making evident the imagination and the essence of our thoughts in a few hand-drawn lines. Of course, the artistic is not represented in the objects, rather, art owes its essence to the ideas that are around them, such as sharing with our classmates, the emotion of being able to represent a landscape or a scheme that came out of our effort and why not from our feelings.

Finally, art must be fundamental in our lives, even if it becomes a hobby or our way of life, for this reason, from the activity "Draw with me" an invitation is extended to represent our thoughts and feelings from basic elements such as drawing, to promoting art as a way of taking care of ourselves, taking care of the other and rebuilding our environment.

Felipe Alberto Paredes Correa.

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