diciembre 1, 2021

Amigo de Papel Nro. 6

Presentamos nuestra sexta edición de la revista Amigo de Papel, esta es una producción escritural basada en la espontaneidad de los estudiantes...
noviembre 11, 2021

My Colombia

"MY COLOMBIA" was a music and dance show by Magic Circle,..
octubre 4, 2021

Good Space – September 2021

Magic circle students make an interesting tour related to friendship through music, movies, traditions and costume...
septiembre 27, 2021

Good Space – August 2021

August's podcast was full of power, joy and Brazilian´s saudade. On the one hand we proposed a playlist of bossa nova music (or music influenced by it...
septiembre 7, 2021

Painting workshop

On April 9th San Pancho's school celebrated the Science Fair...
agosto 19, 2021

Expo Arte 2021

This celebration was the last 23rd of July in virtual and in person format. we can have a tour where our students show...