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septiembre 7, 2021
Good Space – September 2021
octubre 4, 2021

Good Space – August 2021

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Good Space Radio August 2021

August's podcast was full of power, joy and Brazilian´s saudade. On the one hand we proposed a playlist of bossa nova music (or music influenced by it), and on the other hand there was a central note in the program by Jose Villanueva who interviewed Professor Paula Paez about the culture of this great country. Another thematic axis of the podcast was the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. These journalistic notes made by Professor Sally Moreno and her students are, on the one hand, a recount of the triumphs of Colombian athletes in the Olympics, and on the other hand, a rather peculiar note of scientific women athletes in the Olympic Games this year.

Another very interesting segment was the one made by Professor Felipe Ballesteros and his student María Jose Brausin Vanegas, about the relationship between music and memory, entitled "Alzheimer and music: a miracle? Or music cannot be forgotten?"

Finally, the podcast had its traditional segments such as "sintonizate" and "spanish time" led by Professor Maria Alejandra Rozo and the C School of Journalism, who through a brief recount talked about different types of art and some artistic movements.

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