Bilingual Environments

Bilingual environments are the perfect moment to practice English in natural contexts outside the classroom, students are involved in different sort of activities related to arts (drawing, dancing, music, literature, theatre), culture, society, science and critical thinking, The Bilingual department team invites you to participate in all these new experiences for practicing English and learning about different things in the three different sections at San Pacho’s School.

Our experiences

agosto 19, 2021

Expo Arte 2021

This celebration was the last 23rd of July in virtual and in person format. we can have a tour where our students show...
junio 25, 2021

Dance Workshop

Two master classes were held according to ages and levels of difficulty, one that brought together the entire Magic Circle and Spiral students.
mayo 25, 2021

Good Space – April 2021

We are very proud for bringing for you this edition of the broadcast one that we felt we did good and hard work to put all this together,..
mayo 20, 2021

The Science Fair

On April 9th San Pancho's school celebrated the Science Fair...
abril 6, 2021

Around the world

Let’s travel around the world with Jules verne’s Immagination...
noviembre 4, 2020

San Pacho’s Museum

The art is one of the most personal gifts humans have to share between us...