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junio 23, 2021
Play Dough Workshop
junio 28, 2021

Dance Workshop

Dance WorkshopSan Pacho

On Friday, May 28th , 2021, Dance Workshop, two master classes were held according to ages and levels of difficulty, one that brought together the entire Magic Circle and the other for Spiral students. The two master classes were structured in the same way: “warm up”, “steps”, “choreography” and “cool down”. Each one lasted one hour. The classes were accompanied by a DJ, who was responsible for putting on the music and playing with its speeds in order to facilitate learning, since this allowed teaching steps or choreographic sequences, first at slow speed, then medium and finally at the original speed of the song. With Magic Circle, a choreographic sequence of the song “We will rock you” by Queen was taught, while Spiral students were taught a short “choreography” of the song “The way you make feel” by Michael Jackson.

On the other hand, in order to underline the formative interest of the activity, key words appeared in certain parts of the activity, for example, names of parts of the body, names of steps, expressions in English related to dance, etc ...

Laura Perea. - Magic circle Corporal Teacher.

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